The Leg Injury Simulator

Maniken for the teaching and training in the reduction/aligning of fractures of the femur and lower leg


Leg Injury Simulator – LIS

The half body Manikin for education and training in reduction of dislocated (angulated and twisted)  fractures of the femur and lower leg, to make an adequate stabilization  of these fractures possible.

Reduction of dislocated fractures may not be exercised in a really injured person.  A sound and light signal in the LIS simulate the pain of the injured person, which facilitates to learn a correct managing of a broken leg. Each fracture may be locked by a chain to a rod which enables playing with either the femur or the lower leg fracture or both in combination

The LIS comes with a set up of QVIKSPLINT to train the stabilization of the femur fracture with traction and the lower leg fracture with QVIKSPLINT MATTRESS.

Manual and instruction video are on sale.

The LIS is since several years, used in education in care and ambulance schools, skipatrolling and alpine rescue, Red Cross, military care schools.

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