Stabilizes  bilateral fractures of the femur, lower leg and ankle in one setup

The anatomical design of a Y-shaped support meets the sittingbones, excludes pressure to the external genitals and gives a comfortable counterpressure to the traction.

Two mattresses with padding to gives room for the posttraumatic swelling, stabilizes bilateral lower leg and ankle fractures.

Care of lower leg fractures

Without dislocation

Low energy, limited injury to soft tissues, splint in the QS mattress

Dislocated (angulated and twisted)

High energy with significant soft tissue injury
Reduce, aligne before splinting, keep the traction (5 % of the body wheight) executed during the reduction manouevre.

First fasten the velcros above and below the knee, secondly the velcro from inside the foot is tightened over the dorsum of the foot, the velcro from outside of the foot is tightened below the foot.

Finally the middle velcros are fastened on each side of the fracture. See the Swedish film (Underbensbrott)