The Qvik Harness

For traction splinting

The wide padded envelope grips the bony part of the heel
Minimizes pressure to the Achilles tendon
Minimizes extension beyond the foot
the length of the pullband may be adjusted by the buckle
the ring and the gripping loop enables comfortable handling

Red QVIK HARNESS for the left ankle/foot with attached gripping loop and a metalring to be pulled on to the T-bar/hook. And the blue QVIK HARNESS for the right ankle/foot and the band, the length of which may be adjusted by the buckle on the outside

QVIK HARNESS is fit on to the foot, the lower end of the black rubber padding covers the heel. The velcros are crossed over ankle/ foot dorsum

QVIK HARNESS with the ring which fits on to T-bar/hook

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