ProCare – LillQvik

Stabilizes leg fractures in childre
The Lillqvik, minisplint may furthermore be used for stabilizing arm and hand fractures in grown ups.

The Qvik Harness for traction splinting

Minimizes the risk of secondary injuries
The wide, padded envelope grips the bony parts in the ankle and foot, excludes pressure to the achilles tendon.
Optimal tightening the harness gives minimal extension (< 10 cm) of the tractionsplint beyond the foot.

The Qvik Harness is laid under the heel, the velcro from one side is laid over the dorsum of the foot
The velcro from the other side is laid without tension, across the first velcro as to close the harness
The pull loop may now be tightened, ready to be pulled by the gripping loop attached to the ring
Notice the gliding of the envelope on to the skeletal parts of the ankle and heel, minimizes pressure to the achilles tendon.
When the leg is laid to the splint, the ring of the pull loop is brought on to the T- hook of the splint, to take over the pull which in turn may be adjusted by tightening or loosening the pull loop.